How To Get Free Traffic From YouTube Using The Video Response Technique

If you have videos uploaded to YouTube and you are not using this technique you are throwing away perfectly good targeted traffic. Here is how it works:

You can not only comment on other people’s videos on YouTube with a written comment but you can respond to a YouTube media using a clip of your own. YouTube has a way that you can record a video of yourself directly from your webcam or your can choose to use a media clip that is already in uploaded to your YouTube channel as a response to somebody else’s movie. Essentially a video response is a filmed comment. You are making a comment on a video with your own media clip instead of writing a comment.

This technique really works to get free traffic to your website. I did a test. I set up a YouTube account and uploaded about 40 versions of the same movie. (YouTube only allows you to upload the same exact short film to your YouTube account once but if you edit each video slightly it becomes a unique video to YouTube even though essentially it is the same video.)

I did not do any type of promotion for these videos except that I used each video as a video response to another popular video in my niche on YouTube. Here is a sample of the results after one month:
2923 views of my videos in one month using this technique. Over a period of a year that would be 36,000 free views of my videos just by using the videos to respond to other popular videos. Not bad!

Now if you are in a super popular niche you could have better success. But the bottom line is that if you have videos on YouTube right now and they are NOT being used to respond to other people’s videos you are losing traffic.

It is very easy to do a video response.

1. Log into your YouTube account.
2. Use YouTube’s search feature to look for a popular video on your topic. If you want to find the most viewed under “search options” sort by “view count” and you will get the most popular videos first.
3. Once you find the video you want to respond to then click the white space where you could make a written comment. A little icon will appear which says “Attach A Video.” If you are logged into your YouTube account you will see a list of YouTube videos that are in your YouTube account.
4. Click on the video in your account that you want to be used as a video response.
5. Click “Use The Selected Video” button.

That is it. Now your video will be a video response to that video. When people look in the comments are of the video they will see your response video. Not too many people outside the internet marketing field are using this technique. Some channel owners will have this feature blocked or they have their settings set so that they must approve the video response but many do not.

So go to your YouTube account now and start using your videos to respond to other videos and start getting your free traffic now! If you found this post helpful please like it in Facebook and comment.

Income Possibilities While Working at Home

Earning more money is the primary reason why individuals choose to work at home. Mothers create a large group of the at home self employed individuals, as well as college students. Earning more money is certainly a temptation, but you have to choose the right work at home career in order to reap the most benefits. Most online home opportunities are well paying – if you know how to manage them properly.The average person working at home that puts in roughly 2 hours a day can expect to earn $100 or less extra per week, depending on their expertise. Coders and freelance graphic design artists can clearly earn much more but it is heavily dependent upon their portfolio as well as other factors.Freelance writers have potential to earn a complete income by writing, many of the top writers in the world earn hundreds of thousands a year, but that isn’t without plenty of effort and investments. That kind of income does not happen overnight, and even earning over $50,000 a year can take several years to fully reach.Income possibilities for at home jobs will vary based on your skill, time dedicated to the practice, as well as your speed. Having a degree isn’t always required – many people just prefer that you exhibit a talent for the project. However, a degree can definitely help you get more orders and valuable commissioners from working at home.Of course, you are in complete control of the earnings you are able to make from working at home. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a student, the options are endless and the earning potential is never ending. The amount of effort and time you put forth will directly reflect the amount of money and experience you can earn by doing online jobs of various types.If you are already working at home then you may want to try and find different job opportunities that will have more earnings for you. Doing more is always an excellent way to earn more and reap bigger benefits from working at home. You don’t have to quit your regular job either – since internet work is relatively easy to manage there is little risk of schedule conflicts or other work related problems.Working at home is the new way of life for many people. It opens new doors and gives everyone a chance to explore their interests and earn extra money on the side. There is certainly something for everyone, especially if you are familiar with how to use the internet and various word processing programs. Working at home has never been easier, and 2010 is the perfect year to start your new lease on a new career.

How the Best Raw Whey Protein Can Help Us Reach Our Health and Fitness Goal

Of the many available supplements on the market, whey protein is the most popular choice when it comes to bodybuilding. It is possible to consume this type of supplement as a delectable protein shake that is complete with essential nutrient. However, it is very important to evaluate the best option that guarantees healthful and natural ingredients to keep the body healthy.Although not all of us can determine the health benefits of a natural supplement like raw whey protein, we can say that the great recognition of this product gets worldwide truly explain why many people are improving their diet with this healthful option. The great advancement of the Internet likewise opened the door to countless novice and experienced fitness enthusiasts to discover the best options made from natural whey.Important reminders why raw or organic whey protein is a remarkable choice:• Excellent option when building leaner musclesThe latest whey organic protein beverages and smoothies are the most popular choices for many people who desire to develop leaner muscles. They believe that by consuming the right amount of natural protein each day, it is easier for them to improve their stamina and reveal impressive muscle development. This kind of advantage is what many health experts across the globe believe as well.• Dissolves easily without feeling stomach discomfortIt is also possible that we lose weight by taking this type of supplement. Because of presenting essential protein and vitamins, it is easier for our digestive system to dissolve the nutrient without experiencing stomach discomfort. Moreover, an organic protein shake does not contain harmful substances like unhealthy fats and extreme amount of carbohydrates that can impair the overall health of our body. We can also defeat hunger because consuming a glass of healthful protein shake can regulate our appetite effectively.• Increases our stamina when performing exercisesWe can likewise benefit from consuming natural protein supplement through improving our energy to keep us active until we complete our regular exercises. We have to remember that this is an important factor to help our muscles recuperate better and prevent soreness. With the presence of glycogen when taking this particular supplement, it is easier for our body to recover and repair the damaged tissue cells without difficulty. The exact nourishment we get from consuming raw whey protein shake can definitely help us complete our health and fitness goal.Always remember that we can definitely reveal various health benefits from consuming the best whey protein shake out there. It is very important that we reveal these benefits by reviewing the exact details on the product’s label. We must be able to understand all the details before we decide to include this remarkable supplement in our regular dieting plan. Furthermore, we have to choose the exact product that mixes well in water, fresh juices or milk without any disappointing aftertaste. We need to remember this important matter to avoid wasting money and time.